Bioethanol Fireplaces
An eco-friendly solution

Experience refined warmth with a flueless bioethanol fireplace from Vauni. Built to exacting European quality and safety standards, our innovative fireplace designs bring the joy of real flames to a living space, but without the smoke of a traditional open fire.


Powered by odourless liquid bioethanol, a renewable energy source, Vauni fireplaces need no chimney. The fuel burns cleanly, giving you an opportunity to enjoy the timeless presence of fire as a stylish and contemporary focal point in any room.

Vauni – Bioethanol fireplaces designed for modern living.


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Bioethanol Fireplaces from Vauni - Ventless fireplaces


Intelligent design, use of high-grade construction materials and an instinctive desire to create products of beauty are the qualities that mark out Vauni as bioethanol fireplaces of distinction. We relish the challenge of delivering the warmth, harmony and joy often associated with traditional fireplaces into our modern living spaces. It is with a commitment to this challenge that we’ve created a product range that unites elegance of design with versatility of use.


Be inspired by our wall mounted fireplaces that hang as live art on your wall. Enjoy the intimacy of a portable fireplace with our freestanding models, or use our unique burners in your own custom-built fireplace installation.

More about our flueless fires

Our fireplaces utilize bioethanol as the key component for our flueless fires. As the fuel has a clean flame, no dangerous fumes are omitted, thus no vent or flue is required. Removing the need for a chimney opens up to a world of possibilities. Without the flue, you are able to place the open fire anywhere you wish to. You can even choose to integrate our bioethanol burners into the wall as a way of creating your own see-through fireplace.

When using our flueless fires indoor, all you have to do is fill the burner with bioethanol, and light the fire. After a short while the room will be nicely heated, therefore having a window ajar can be a good idea. Remember that in order to burn, the flames will consume some of the oxygen in the room – therefore some fresh air is a great way to balance the room temperature. Alternatively you can turn down the size of the flame by regulating the lid.