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    Vauni - Where fire meets design

    Vauni's ventless ethanol fireplace gives so much more than simply a fire without a chimney. Our philosophy is to unite tradition with contemporary needs. Just as the old wood stove spread warmth and was a fine gathering-place, a ventless fireplace from Vauni makes the same contribution to a present-day room.

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    Vauni Globe

    Vauni Globe is our most popular fireplace - with its unique design and high quality. Now being launched in four new colours - the Exclusive Line.

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Ecoflame Premium

Vauni Eco-Flame Premium (ren bioetanol/bioalkohol) är ett nyutvecklat färglöst spisbränsle, speciellt framtaget för att brinna längre och med större lågor än jämförbara bioetanoler.

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Scandinavian design

Vauni's design philosophy emanates from the user's emotional need for fire. Much care is devoted to making the products flexible and attractive for people with varying requirements, tastes and living situations. We want the fire to be part of the decor and make the design more alive.

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Flueless Fireplaces